It was the first complicated masking design of this nature roughly 3 years ago. I was going through a difficult period with some heartbreak, loss, starting over, dealing with the inner world and letting go. I was practicing my craft for the first time in ages and this new form of expression unexpectedly developed one evening. 

A consistent theme running throughout my work is birth both/and rebirth in the spiritual-emotional-psychological-physiological individual is all one thing. What is within you to give birth to in this waking, exterior common world we all share?  The first design would unexpectedly resemble the feminine: pregnant with unknown contents. Inevitable period of birthing comes about. And if not, it weighs down and eventually destroys. It is like dying. 

Men, too, are capable of giving birth, but that is of a different substance. There is a spiritual world, spherical in nature and beyond the bounds of dualistic, intellectually based thinking, oriented to the unconscious concept of one's self. It is the spiritual task to face death and time and move through with a flow to reality, not a stifling repression of fear. 

The Women's Movement is alive and strong, a righteous response to the Patriarchal systems of oppression. And yet Men are here too. And we want to offer you our aid and love and care, but we often do not know how to even do that for ourselves. We are learning. Please give us time. Change happens one day at a time. We're paying attention. We are dealing (or not) with our own pain. We have been victims in a different fashion. Things take time. 

Men are learning in real time to be tuned into their emotional/spiritual Selves. It's happening. The unfolding involves pain. We must be given time to process our anger, shame, guilt and fear. We have not been taught. We want to be good but do not believe ourselves to be good. 

The self loathing is real because all our hard work never seems to add up to us being or feeling good enough. 

What might happen if we give these children spiritual and emotion care for their purity. What goodness might we experience if we can deal with and process our emotional and physical shame, fear, and trauma, learning to love ourselves from the inside out, and abandoning the idea of achievement in the arenas of Sex, Money, & Power are empty pursuits regarding the human soul. 

Generally, men are not taught how to be centered in our own unique being. Control Comes from Fear. Men are afraid of themselves. We're wound creatures and we don't know how to talk about it. We afraid of the unknown, the pain, what healing may be: the intuitive, the emotional, is a fright and a terror.  For emotional and spiritual intelligence comes not out of the logical and dualistic mind, but up out of the depths from within, underneath the surface in a place few of us have come to understand, down in the vast spherical space below, a deep and wondrous cavern, exploration beyond expectation.   

The task is to re-amalgamate your inner portion, requiring openness to spiritual transformation. 

There is no exterior substitute for a mystical experience of ones own divine nature which blooms forth from within. And yet it is often blocked and repressed beyond the walls of our inner rooms rotting away the atmosphere.

Humanity continually searches for meaning in exterior things. The endless consumption never ceases. Humanity is stuck in a rut of routine, constantly consuming, seeking more and more of more. Are people all nothing more than maggots on a carcass called Earth? We are certainly treating it as such. We must learn to change. Now.

And yet I see that We are beginning to wake up, though this process takes real time and intention. We as a collective need to be kind and open and support one another in what we bring to the table. We are all human. It's a rich tapestry of life. We must cherish it and each other. 

A new generation might stand up and refuse to pass down more pain and trauma, the foolishness they've been handed from our ancestry, the physiological, psychological and emotional woulds must be alchemized into healing for one and all. 

It is to move from unconscious fear based thinking, to conscious love practicing. From reactive, to proactive. We must learn to love our lives. It's all the individual has. One must cherish it. How might we change the world if we started teaching emotional and spiritual practices which center the individual human being to the same universal truths that all healthy religious practices seek to communicate to the Spirit of the individual within? We must learn to listen to one another. We all have value and very real experiences. 

It is our collective responsibility to the unborn that we face these issues as a race of humanity. We must stop separating ourselves based on our differences, but learn to appreciate the individual for the portion they bring forth. We must face our individual pain, it's the task to face in one's life; to face oneself. 

The future begins to change today. We must learn to be present to the moment at hand, attending and proactively seeking peace, health, beauty and love for every individual upon planet earth.  

It's about learning how to love ourselves as we are in this moment, so we might learn to have compassion for our fellow humans who are also in pain and fear, fighting daily battles within themselves. Change and peace in the exterior world come as a fruit the individual brings forth as a result of change and peace from within first and foremost. It is like a well. 

If you try, you'll be surprised by what can happen. Are you open or are you closed? Face your fears, and there your reward will be. I hope you'll stay open.

I love you.  

 - Jon -