Infinity expresses itself within time, though the perception of what is linear is illusory and physical form is transitory. Things come and go. The waters come up from within and there we find something unfamiliar and frightening. It is spirit seeking adventure as it takes shape in asymmetrical wonder within each individual. Things bloom from within.

There is discovery and rediscovery also. Things from the past find us unexpectedly, calling and asking us for attention. The Art finds the Artist. May we bring forth our contents, manifesting expression in physical form, seeking to express something new and unforeseen. To bloom is to be exposed and vulnerable. Adventure is not safe.

We become deeper and truer versions of ourselves. Vessels within time. Unhurried, yet yearning to break free from the entrapments of modernity. May we allow our souls to bloom forth from within. We are the vessels. May we bloom in confidence knowing we are one of one in this garden of life.   

"I seek to let these pieces be exactly as they come to me, without too much judgement while hopefully maintaining a sense of playful discovery in the midst of improvisational guiding and intuitive exploration throughout the process of creation." - JVP Wares. 


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